Proeflokaal A. van Wees

Cheese fondue in Amsterdam

Are you looking for cheese fondue in Amsterdam?

Searching for an authentic spot to savor Cheese Fondue in the heart of Amsterdam? Well, your quest ends here! At Proeflokaal A. van Wees, not only do we pride ourselves in bringing forth the rich tradition of Dutch Cheese Fondue, but we also elevate the experience by curating it with the finest ingredients.

Firstly, the cheese we use isn’t just any ordinary cheese. It’s a careful blend sourced from local cheese aficionados like De Kaaskamer & De Mannen van Kaas. Intriguingly, these cheeses are handpicked from local farmers, ensuring you get a true taste of Amsterdam in every bite. This intricate selection imparts our Cheese Fondue with its unmistakably Amsterdam charm. Moreover, we strike a delectable balance by using both young and mature cheeses, and here’s where it gets interesting – our adept chefs introduce a hint of genever from our in-house distillery, adding an unexpected, yet delightful kick to the fondue.

As for the dipping, we complement our Cheese Fondue with perfectly toasted French bread, offering that quintessential crunch with every dip. Additionally, if you’re inclined towards a fresher touch, there’s an assortment of crisp vegetables ready to be swirled in the rich, molten cheese. Picture this: A chilly Amsterdam evening, the warmth of a pot of bubbling cheese, and the unparalleled joy of communal dining. And if you’re worried about that age-old fondue game of dropping your bread piece and facing dishwashing duties, fret not! We embrace the fun and leave no room for penalties.

Reserve a table to eat the best cheese fondue

Use the module at the bottom of the website to make a reservation to try our Dutch Cheese Fondue. However, we would like to emphasize that you are always welcome to walk in without a reservation. With a little patience, we will always have a spot available for you.



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