Bitterballen: A popular treat for the Dutchman, a real novelty for visitors. Whatever ‘type‘ you prefer, at Proeflokaal A. Van Wees, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of different fillings of this famous Dutch snack. And thanks to the excellent location, along the rustic Herengracht, you’ll be in for an amazing culinary experience. Take it to the next level with one of our locally brewed Genevers of ‘A. van Wees Distilleerderij De Ooievaar‘ or a fresh beer from our tap.
Just like its bigger brother ‘the kroket‘, the bitterbal is a very famous and well-known snack throughout the Netherlands. On the outside, it has a crispy cover of breadcrumbs while the inside consists of a hot filling. The traditional bitterbal is filled with a mix of beef & spices. These days, however, we serve the tastiest bitterballen in various, more exotic, variants.


The traditional bitterbal is the one that has been around in the Netherlands for a long time. Its filling consists of a mix of tender beef meat that lightly seasoned – obviously surrounded by the so loved crusty outside. The traditional bitterbal can be eaten on any occasion and is perfectly suited for every moment in a bar.
Enjoy the bitterballen with some traditional Amsterdam ‘Zuur’ and locally procuded mustard on the side for the perfect experience.


Although these bitterballen look exactly the same as the traditional ones, from the inside the Gamba Bitterballen are a totally different game. The filling is based on Black Tiger gambas which give them an amazing soft & creamy taste.
Tip: The Gamba bitterbal tastes best when dipped in our home made cocktail sauce which is prepared by our chef using Dutch ‘Korewijn‘ from our own distillery.


It’s never a bad time for a bitterbal with a filling made of wild pig. You can also enjoy these bitterballen while the hunting season’s been over for a while, so if you’re up for a very special treat, the wild pig bitterbal is the perfect match for you. The taste is a bit heavier as is the seasoning; a finishing with small shades of red wine.
Tip: The delicate taste of these bitterballen works out best if you dip them in a soft mustard mayonnaise.


The vegan bitterbal is a perfect meat & dairy-free alternative for the regular meat-based bitterballen. On the outside, no difference can be seen; also the vegan bitterbal is blessed with a skin of crusty breadcrumbs. Inside you’ll find a tasty mix based on mushrooms & eggplants and a nice seasoning. It’s one of the best vegan snacks on any terrace!
Tip: If combined with real Amsterdam gherkins & traditional mustard, even the best bitterbal expert wouldn’t distinguish the vegan one from its traditional counterpart.


Bitterballen are best enjoyed with one of our fresh beers from the tap such as a fresh Affiglem Blond or Brand IPA or even a glass of the outstanding Westmalle Tripel from Belgium.
You can also enjoy your bitterbal together with one of the famous liquors or genevers from Van Wees. Ever thought about drinking a ‘koopstootje‘ with your bitterbal? Ask at the bar and we’re more than happy to introduce you to this amazing tradition.


Use the module to make a reservation for lunch, dinner or a tasting at our tasting room. If you want to make a reservation for today and it is after 5PM, you can best call us directly at +31(0)20-625 4334.
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We are the tasting house of the Amsterdam based distillery A. van Wees ‘De Ooievaar’ anno 1782, located at the Herengracht 319 in Amsterdam city center. You are welcome at our tasting house every day from 11.00 AM for drinks, tastings or some great local food.
We serve over 17 types of genevers (Dutch gin), more than 50 liqueurs and several other hard liquors from our own distillery. Our experienced Amsterdam bartenders love to tell you more about the history of our drinks and our distillery. Next to our genevers we serve over 20 local beers for a real Dutch experience, the Headbutt, which is the custom of drinking a genever with your beer.
At our food menu you will find a lot of items that are typical for a Bar in Amsterdam, like our famous Dutch Cheese Fondue, a Chicken Satay and some great burgers ans steaks. We also love working with local and seasonal products that you can find on our menu from time till time.
On a good day you can enjoy the sun till late at night at our cozy terrace. From our terrace and patio, you have a great view over the Herengracht, one of Amsterdams most famous canals. You can even reach our tasting house by boat!



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